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Ready made framing solutions

Light steel modular frames

Elevate your garage or workshop with our state-of-the-art light steel modular frames. Experience unmatched durability and versatility, perfect for creating functional and stylish spaces. Our frames offer swift assembly and a solid foundation, ensuring your project is built to last. Transform your space with modern engineering and design.

Variant 1

Variant 2
(5100mm x 6000mm)

Variant 3
(6700mm x 6000mm)

Variant 4
(7400mm x 6000mm)

Variant 5
(8350mm x 6000mm)


Ideal for DIY: Specifically engineered for DIY enthusiast, offering a straightforward assembly process.

Premium Quality, Economical Price:  We ensure unparalleled quality at the most affordable price point.

Transport-friendly:  Pre-assembled parts measure up to a maximum of 250 cm.

Modular Design:  Modules or add-ons can be easily added at any time for expansion.

Swift Assembly:  The pre-assembled steel frame components can be set up in under an hour.

Ready for facade  Our frames facilitate an effortless and speedy installation of facade cladding.

Superior Strength:  The steel structure ensures the garden house can withstand extreme weather.

Simplified Thermal Insulation:  Insulation can be easily and quickly installed and even retrofitted later.

Prepared Service Holes:  Service holes in the steel frames are prepared for electrical cables or pipes.

Stylish and Functional Design:  Not only practical, our modern pitched roof design ensures style and can accommodate any snow load.

Minimal Waste:  Our sophisticated design ensures minimal waste for DIY builders.


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