Harmonious living connected to nature

The Hut is a Scandinavian-inspired, modern tiny house constructed on a Vlemmix trailer, skillfully designed and manufactured using the BAUCORE lightweight steel system. Boasting a roomy loft and an inventive staircase layout, this tiny house provides various lengths and can be acquired as a structure for Do-It-Yourself, Shell, or Ready-to-Go option to accommodate different needs and preferences.

BAUCORE® frame system

Our advanced BAUCORE's galvanized lightweight steel frames are much lighter than comparable wooden structures, with 20 times greater strength and durability. Furthermore, steel is resistant to flames, shrinkage, warping, splitting, and mold, and the zinc coating provides protection against corrosion. BAUCORE® frames boast a 1mm accuracy, ensuring consistent quality and come with a traditional 50-year warranty, instilling confidence in their longevity.

Engineered for effortless self-completion

The MOOH is not only an affordable DIY solution for individuals and tiny house builders, but it is also remarkably builder-friendly. This attribute ensures that every tiny house builder will appreciate and enjoy working with MOOH structures and get a minimum of waste.

Functional storage staircase and spacious loft:

As pioneers in the industry, we have designed and constructed a lightweight steel frame staircase system, incorporating built-in storage solutions. Positioned above the staircase, we have designed a spacious sleeping loft with 220x220cm. The highest point in the loft measures 135cm, gradually sloping downwards.

Innovative thermal bridge and sound vibration solution:

MOOH® structures come with our cutting-edge, eco-friendly BAUPOR nano-based technology tapes or rolls, designed specifically for BAUCORE® steel frames. These easy-to-apply tapes provide exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation, effectively eliminating thermal bridges while dampening sound and vibrations.

mooh diy tinyhouse


We provide four tiers of completion for this model, ranging from a do-it-yourself approach to a fully-furnished, move-in ready option.
Vlemmix - road certified Dutch trailer, documents and 4 supportive legs
HUT - certified light steel frame structure assembled and fixed on the trailer
Steel frame spacious loft (220cm x 220cm)
Steel frame stairs to loft with built-in storage
Trailer subfloor metal sheeting and sealing incl. special protective coating and insulation of inadmissible frames fulfilled with rockwool
Service holes with cable and pipes protection
Project documentation and DIY Manuals
Warranty for structure 50 years and 2 years for trailer
Innovative thermal bridge and sound vibration tapes (BAUPOR) +
Premium interior cladding (plywood, Fibo system etc.) +
Quality door and windows (plastic / wood / aluminum). 2-glazed +
Thermal insulation 100mm (floor, walls, roof) +
Waterproofing membranes +
Facade cladding (metal + thermal wood)
Electricity and Plumbing
Floor cladding (20mm plywood + laminate / vinyl floor)
Floor heating, AC, HWAC, lights, etc. +
Bathroom equipment (shower, WC, washbasin etc.) +
Furniture (sofa, mattress, interior door, kitchen, table, bathroom furniture etc.) and Kitchen appliances (refrigerator, hob, kitchen sink and faucet, dishwasher etc.) +
HUT 600cm  9 990€ ON REQUEST 39 000€ ON REQUEST